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Re: [Bacula-devel] bad sql??

Ok, I've just run some preliminary tests

First  the make_sqlite3_tables   script is faulty.

there are two places where it  has

DEFAULT ""    

Oddly enough that seems to work in the context of  sqlite.
However when we do a dump of the data from sqlite, that is still there 
in the DDL statements.
This is invalid sql syntax

If we simply change the ""  to '' we get legal SQL that still works with 

Secondly the DDL statements create the table names with caps but without 
If we look at the dumped database after a backup, the insert statements 
quote the table name.
Since the table name has caps, this doesn't work.

This seems to be 'feature' of the sqlite3 shell.

so, one minor bug in bacula
and one disaster in sqlite3


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