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[Bacula-devel] Message type of "Current Volume "XXX1" not acceptable because"


when a backup job has filled a tape, it requests a different tape; the default 
message subsystem config results in emails that include a text like "Please 
mount Volume XXX3 or label a new one for...". The internal message type 
is "M_MOUNT". When a user now inserts a wrong tape, a bacula-internal message 
is generated (type "M_WARNING") in the sense of "Current Volume "XXX1" not 
acceptable because [...]", but this message is not dispatched to the user.

I would like this message to be sent to the operator. The most easy 
possibility probably would be using message type M_MOUNT in the source code 
here, as well.

Is it sensible to dispatch "warning" messages to the operator? Is anyone of 
you doing that (i.e. adding "warning" to the "operator = " config statement)?

There is a message type "M_VOLMGMT" that seems to be completely unused in the 
bacula source code. What is its purpose? Maybe I could use this one?

What do you think about the idea of creating bitmasks for messages? Doing so, 
messages could have multiple types at once. The "Current Volume not 
acceptable" message could be a "subsystem mount, severity warning" message 
then. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, this would raise compatibility 
issues, as old and new versions would have different understandings of flags. 

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