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Re: [Bacula-devel] Bug? "No Job found for JobId X" after successful backup

You probably either purged the job manually or set you pruning time so low 
that it was pruned while it was running. Since there is no full job output, 
it is impossible to tell.

On Friday 19 September 2008 00:37:53 Joshua J. Kugler wrote:
> [Post on Bacula User, but didn't get a response.  Then it hit me this
> might be some kind of bug.]
> I just got a couple job reports tonight with an error I've never seen
> before.  I googled, but didn't see anything.
> FYI, empty SQLite database created from the SQLite create scripts.
> The full e-mail is below, but the error I got was:
> 17-Sep 20:38 pedahzur-sd JobId 4: Job write elapsed time = 00:00:21,
> Transfer rate = 93.76 K bytes/second
> 17-Sep 20:38 pedahzur-dir JobId 4: Warning: Error getting Job record for
> Job report: ERR=sql_get.c:294 No Job found for JobId 4
> The schedule for this job looks like this:
> Schedule {
>   Name = "MediaCycle"
>   Run = Incremental mon-sun at 20:00
> }
> Yes, that is the schedule I want.  The schedule for a backup that did
> not produce the "no job found" error is:
> Schedule {
>   Name = "WeeklyCycle"
>   Run = Full 1st sun at 9:30
>   Run = Differential 2nd-5th Sun at 9:30
>   Run = Incremental mon-sat at 20:00
> }
> Does the lack of an explicit Full run cause that error?  Any other
> ideas?
> Thanks!
> j
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