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[Bacula-devel] Bug? "No Job found for JobId X" after successful backup

[Post on Bacula User, but didn't get a response.  Then it hit me this 
might be some kind of bug.]

I just got a couple job reports tonight with an error I've never seen 
before.  I googled, but didn't see anything.

FYI, empty SQLite database created from the SQLite create scripts.

The full e-mail is below, but the error I got was:

17-Sep 20:38 pedahzur-sd JobId 4: Job write elapsed time = 00:00:21, 
Transfer rate = 93.76 K bytes/second
17-Sep 20:38 pedahzur-dir JobId 4: Warning: Error getting Job record for 
Job report: ERR=sql_get.c:294 No Job found for JobId 4

The schedule for this job looks like this:

Schedule {
  Name = "MediaCycle"
  Run = Incremental mon-sun at 20:00

Yes, that is the schedule I want.  The schedule for a backup that did 
not produce the "no job found" error is:

Schedule {
  Name = "WeeklyCycle"
  Run = Full 1st sun at 9:30
  Run = Differential 2nd-5th Sun at 9:30
  Run = Incremental mon-sat at 20:00

Does the lack of an explicit Full run cause that error?  Any other 



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