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[Bacula-devel] Alternative DB structures, food for thought, What I think about SQL..


Years back I was going to write my own backup software, to be called

Even got the domain name.

I did some preliminary work, then gave it up. This programming stuff is
hard work!

However I did put thought into the catalogue.
In those days netware was still viable so multisystem capability was

The idea is simple enough

instead of having one table like this

fileID   int
filename   text
size      int
owner   text
group   text
createtime   datetime
modifytime   datetime;
readonly   bool
hidden   bool
system   bool
trustees   text

where if you want to add selinux attributes you have to alter the record

to three tables

the file table, with the basic information

fileID   int
filename   text
size      int
owner   text
createtime   datetime
modifytime   datetime;

a master table, with few records

AttributeID  Int
AttributeName   text

And as many  of these as required to store any extended attributes.

AttributeID  Int
Attribute   text

So, we need more records and querying needs a join. Insert speed may
drop as we need another index.

On the plus side, flexibility is unlimited.

I recall trying this out with mock data,
The system would probably have been RH 9 and a 2.4 kernel. Postgres 7.X
may be even 6.X

It was able to get about 500 inserts per sec, IIRC.

These days the performance would be much better, hardware is better and
all flavours of db software are much improved.

Note that although we may add more records, all records are shorter, so
IO does not increase

The required index is a simple one (fileID, AttributeID). Short fields,
little IO.

I'm not suggesting that this be done at any particular time and I'm not
even looking at it myself, on the side.
So thats what I think about SQL, Dan.


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