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Re: [Bacula-devel] bad sql??

Actually I don't know what to think.

its not, however, good press for bacula.

No news may be good news,
But some news is bad news!

I do think that it needs to be  fixed
Kern says that it could need a 'massive' rewrite, really, though I don't
think so.
It may be in lots of funny places but should be fixable with a simple
search and replace.

The real issue is the DB's may need a conversion script to change the names.
This is not the sort of thing than can be done in point release.
So much is obvious.

The other thing I think is that the DB schema is umm... overly expedient.
I imagine speed was of critical importance when Kern was designing it.

I do have a possible replacement, arising out work I did some years back.

Let me start another  thread..

Dan Langille wrote:
> John Huttley wrote:
>> https://people.planetpostgresql.org/xzilla/index.php?/archives/360-Bacula,-Sqlite,-Postgres...-when-good-tools-go-horribly-horribly-wrong.html 
> John: whenever people post a URL without commenting up on it, I always 
> ask them for their comments upon it.
> John: What do you think?
> and FYI, no, it is not bad SQL.

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