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[Bacula-devel] bls and DVD (Windows Version)

I try to use the Windows version of bls.exe for reading DVDs. The DVDs 
was created  with a Linux Bacula installation.
My goal is it to share archive DVDs . Unfortunately I was not 
successful. Windows creates a error report (Dr, Watson).
Does the windows version of bls the reading of "Linux" DVDs ? Are there 
any experiences with bls on Windows and DVDs ?

Command line: bls.exe -V "DVD-2008-1" "DVD Writer"
May be my settings are wrong. Here my windows bacula-sd.conf

Device {
  Name = "DVD Writer"
  Media Type = DVD
  Device Type = DVD
  Archive Device = "E:/"
  Random Access = Yes;
  AutomaticMount = yes;               # when device opened, read it
  RemovableMedia = yes;
  AlwaysOpen = Yes;
  MaximumPartSize = 800M;
  RequiresMount = no;
#  MountPoint = "E:\\"
  MountCommand = "echo Hallo";
  UnmountCommand = "echo Hallo";
#  SpoolDirectory = c:\\;
  WritePartCommand = "C://Programme//Bacula//bin//dvd-handler.cmd %a 
write %e %v"
  FreeSpaceCommand = "C://Programme//Bacula//bin//dvd-handler.cmd %a free"

Thanks for helps or comments.


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