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Re: [Bacula-devel] accurate message st_mtime differs

On Wednesday 17 September 2008 06:31:21 Ulrich Leodolter wrote:
> hello,
> please change messages below to into debug messages,
> emails can get very very long. (e.g. when software updates
> are installed, like bacula re configure and compile :-)
> accurate.c:339:
> Jmsg(jcr, M_SAVED, 0, _("%s      st_mtime differs\n"), fname);
> accurate.c:342:
> Jmsg(jcr, M_SAVED, 0, _("%s      st_ctime differs\n"), fname);

Yes, that sounds reasonable, so I have made the change to the SVN trunk.  
However, I  believe that we are planning to fully implement the SAVED message 
class, so might want to plan for the future by adding a !saved to either your 
FD message resource or possibly to your DIR message resource.  The advantage 
of doing it in the DIR is that it is changed in one place.  The advantage in 
doing it in the FD is that it keeps the messages from being transferred to 
the DIR and this reduces overhead significantly.



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