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Re: [Bacula-devel] Feature request: Be able to modify last written date (for volume)

On Tuesday 16 September 2008 15:18:30 Xeos Laenor wrote:
> Item 1: Implement an option to modify the last written date for volumes
> Date: 16 September 2008
> Origin: Franck (xeoslaenor at gmail dot com)
> Status: Proposing
> What: The ability to modify the last written date for a volume
> Why: It's sometime necessary to jump a volume when you have a pool of
> volume which recycles the oldest volume at each backup. Sometime, it needs
> to cancel a set of backup (one day backup, completely) and we want to avoid
> that bacula choose the volume (which is not written at all) from the
> cancelled backup (It has to jump to next volume). in this case, we just
> need to update the written date manually to avoir the "oldest volume"
> purge. Notes: An option can be add to "update volume" command (like
> 'written date' choice for example)

I'll be happy to add this to the projects list for future voting by users, but 
in the mean time, why don't you simply turn off the recycle flag for the 
volume until you want it to be re-used?  That will already provide a solution 
without any change to Bacula -- though you will need to reset the recycle 
flag when you want the Volume to be reused.



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