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Re: [Bacula-devel] bacula-fd crash (svn 7596)

On Monday 15 September 2008 10:26:07 Ulrich Leodolter wrote:
> Hello,
> current svn 7596 version of bacula-fd dies wenn backup job starts.
> backup server is running centos 5.2, client is running debian lenny.
> bacula-fd dies on both systems.
> i've restarted all bacula daemons on server and client,
> but no success.
> "estimate" works, but "run" kills bacula-fd.
> i've attached a traceback for client and server fd.

It is dying in the Accurate code.  Is this something new you are using?

Please check that your FD and Dir are both exactly the same version.  If not 
that could create serious problems.

I don't think we have made any changes for quite some time in the Accurate 
code so it is a bit surprising, but I recommend that you open a bug report on 
it and include the traceback (both show the same problem) and your 

Best regards,


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