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Re: [Bacula-devel] Bacula config generator/parser?

>> I am not dealing the Bacula database. I created a frontend for the
>> Bacula conf files.
>> I am half way through with the generation of Bacula conf files.
> OK, fine, but then why did you write?  "So far I
>    have the organized the ressources in different database tables and
>   named each db field after the directive. This will ease the
>   generation part as I only have to crawl through the db and fetch  
> the field
>   name and it's value."
> You *seem* to be taling about the database and crawling trough it ???

No, I just ment that my tool saves the values I ask the user through  
the web interface to it's own database. When it comes to config file  
generation I have to crawl through my database and fetch the values,  
format them in Bacula syntax an print them in the real Bacula config  

>>> The syntax and semantics of the conf files is described in a good
>>> amount of
>>> detail in the manual, so it really should not be necessary to read
>>> lib/parse_conf.
>> That's where I hang around a lot lately :)
>> By the way - good job on keeping the docs updated. Bacula is the best
>> documented open source project I encounterd so far.
> Thanks. I wish I could do better, but it is all getting bigger and  
> bigger that
> it is harder and harder :-)

I whish I could help with it. When I'll grow up and my English will be  
better - I will :)

> Kern



Stefan Sorin Nicolin

Unix guy, Mac head, Rails wannabe,
computer science alumnus, usability
guesspert and overall big time visionary

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