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[Bacula-devel] Fwd: SourceForge.net Service Operations bulletin 2008-09-12


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Subject: SourceForge.net Service Operations bulletin 2008-09-12
Date: Friday 12 September 2008
From: "SourceForge.net Team" <noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: kern@xxxxxxxxxxx

This message is being sent by SourceForge.net to all administrators of
SourceForge.net-hosted projects.

Questions or concerns regarding the contents of this
mailing may be directed to SourceForge.net staff at:

Table of contents:

1. Site Status
2. Migration schedule and downtime announcements
3. New service: Hosted Apps
4. New service: Tracker 2 Beta
5. Conclusion

Section 1. SITE STATUS

We've received feedback in the past few months that project admins like
you want to be kept informed of any service downtimes which exceed 4
hours and the launch of any major new services.  We are sending out
today's mailing to all project admins to highlight the details of
upcoming datacenter migration events (some with downtime) and to provide
direct notice of some new service offerings.

We're averaging about one of these mails per month; and we're only
sending mail on the most significant activities.  If you would like to
see the play-by-play of our activities to improve the SourceForge.net
site and services offering, we encourage you to keep an eye on the Site
Status forum at:

In addition to the Site Status forum, you can also receive this

...via RSS feed, per:

...or via Mailing List, per:


The SourceForge.net Service Operations team is now actively working to
complete our migration from our old California datacenter to our new
Chicago datacenter.  The following migration events have been scheduled:

* On Monday, 2008-09-15, SourceForge.net user account mail aliases
(@users.sourceforge.net accounts) will be migrated as per:

* On Monday, 2008-09-15, Project Web service for those projects already
running in Chicago (the "bigprojects" pool) will have a brief downtime
as we move data on to new storage hardware as per:

* On Tuesday, 2008-09-16, the remainder of Project Web will be migrated
(with some downtime) as per:

* Tentatively, on Wednesday, 2008-09-17, CVS service will be migrated
(with some downtime) as per:

* On Thursday, 2008-09-18, Mailing List service will be migrated (no
downtime anticipated), including Mailing List archives and Mailing List
search, as per:

Section 3. HOSTED APPS

Earlier this week, we launched a major new service offering for
SourceForge.net-hosted projects, "Hosted Apps".  The Hosted Apps service
was launched with support for three applications: phpBB, MediaWiki and
LimeSurvey.  Whereas in the past projects would have needed to expend
your team's time to set these applications up in project web space, you
may now opt-in your project to use any of these applications and we
handle the software setup, performance tuning and upgrades.

You may opt-in for any of our supported applications using the new
"Hosted Apps" page under the Project Admin menu for your project.

Additional information regarding the launch of our Hosted Apps offering
may be seen at:

Section 4. TRACKER 2 BETA

Our friends on the SourceForge.net Engineering team have been working
to improve the UI of the Tracker ticketing system that is part of the
feature set built in to the SourceForge.net site.  Earlier this week,
they launched a beta of the new functionality, including a substantial
number of UI improvements and user-requested enhancements to Tracker.
This new functionality is visible when you opt-in for the Tracker 2 beta. 
The Engineering team is eager to receive your feedback.

Information regarding this new offering (including how to opt-in) may be
seen at: http://sourceforge.net/community/forum/topic.php?id=3368&page


We hope that this has been a useful update from our team to your team.

If you have any follow-up questions or concerns, please reach out to us
by submitting a Support Request (which you can flag as private if you
don't want other folks to see), at:

Thank you,

The SourceForge.net Service Operations team

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