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Re: [Bacula-devel] small dbcheck patch for mysql

In response to Martin Simmons <martin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > 
> > Define "huge"?  is 336046 huge?  I don't consider it to be all that
> > large when you consider a path table of almost 1 million, a file
> > table of over 43 million and a filename table of over 11 million.
> I would define huge as something that takes too long to delete, maybe more
> than a few hours.  The OP was talking about days, which is definitely too
> long.
> 336046 out of 1 million (i.e. > 1/3) is actually a surprisingly large ratio to
> me, unless you've not run dbcheck for a long time.

The other possibility is that the renaming/reorganizing project that's
been going on for a few months has resulted in that many paths simply
disappearing from our file servers forever ...

It's a corner case to be sure ...

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.

Phone: 412-422-3463x4023

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