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Re: [Bacula-devel] Backing up MS Exchange

> Yes, I haven't figured out exactly how we will handle this.  From what
> read
> on the web, if you are doing a VSS backup (Bacula is backing up the
> system), Exchange is sort of blocked or locked, so doing the normal
> calls
> to Exchange either fail or won't work correctly.  As a consequence, we
> need
> to ensure that VSS is not enabled at the same time that the plugin is
> running.

I'm not completely sure, but I think that the locking only occurs once a
VSS backup of Exchange is started. Provided we exclude the Exchange
database and log files from the VSS part of the backup there shouldn't
be a problem. We need to back up the folders containing the Exchange
data, just not the data itself though, otherwise the restore breaks if
you are doing a full system restore (you can just create the folders
yourself of course, if they don't already exist because you omitted them
from the restore).

One other thing worth mentioning, if you are doing a baremetal restore,
you need to restore the Exchange databases after you have restored your
system and rebooted anyway, as the API requires that Exchange itself be
running. So maybe the documented procedure should be to create a second
fileset and restore it once the system is running? Otherwise excluding
specific files from the restore would be a manual step.

In many ways I like my approach of a completely separate agent, but I
understand why that isn't really a workable long term solution, unless
we turn the problem on its head and make the bacula api something that
get's imported into an agent as a separate dll rather than the other way


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