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[Bacula-devel] problem MaxFullInterval and Copy Jobs


yesterday i modified a job and added

	MaxFullInterval = 10 days

but tonight an unexpected job level upgrade happend:

	Backup Level:           Full (upgraded from Incremental)

last successful full backup for this job terminated on sunday
(less than 10 days ago).

i think the problem a are my Copy Job entries.
as u know i am running a daily CopyDiskToTape job.

each copy job entry has level Full and Zero Files and Type='C',
these jobs should be excluded for Max[Full|Diff]Interval selection.

db_find_last_job_start_time(..., L_FULL) is too simple,

i think Job.Type should go into the sql selection,
but im unsure if Job.Type!='C' or Job.Type in ('B', ... )
is the better way.

fd_cmds.c:203:      if (have_full && jcr->job->MaxFullInterval > 0 &&
fd_cmds.c-204-         db_find_last_job_start_time(jcr, jcr->db,
&jcr->jr, &stime, L_FULL)) {
fd_cmds.c-205-         full_time = str_to_utime(stime);
fd_cmds.c:206:         do_full = ((now - full_time) <=
fd_cmds.c-207-      }

i think this is my first bug report :-)
best regards

Ulrich Leodolter <ulrich.leodolter@xxxxxxxx>

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