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Re: [Bacula-devel] small dbcheck patch for mysql

2008/9/9 Bill Moran <wmoran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> In response to Bob Hetzel <beh@xxxxxxxx>:
> After spending about 5 minutes looking at the code, I can tell you that
> (from an SQL standpoint) dbcheck is enormously inefficient, and will
> not get much better without a huge rewrite.

I would not say so.

>  Additionally, doing that
> rewrite so that it results in improvements to all SQL platforms is
> probably going to require that the code be broken into SQL-dependent
> and SQL-independent sections.

When working with dbcheck no problems (except for already described for MySQL).

> For example, the process to delete orphaned path records, first does
> a select to get a list of IDs, then goes through a loop to delete each
> record individually.  If you wanted to speed this up in PostgreSQL,
> you could do the following:
> 1) Wrap all the DELETE statements in a transaction

Removing records (in MySQL) goes very quickly.
Yesterday I removed 750 K orphaned records ;)

with best regards

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