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Re: [Bacula-devel] backup to removable external disk

Peter Sjoberg wrote:
> I been using bacula to backup my environment to tape for a while but I
> started to run into problems with size and time and considering changing
> the way I do backup.
> I started to read up a little but it's so many options I decided to ask
> the exports for suggestions.
> At the moment I'm backing up everything to DLT 40/80 tapes and despite
> excluding a lot it takes almost 24h to complete a full backup.
> I do a full backup once/month and take the tapes offsite for offsite
> storage. Daily and weekly is stored onsite.
> Easiest might be to get a bigger/faster tapedrive but the budget for
> that isn't there so I'm thinking of another solution in using disks
> similar to using tapes. (1T external disk $200-250CAD, equal in tapes -
> way more + the tapedrive)
> What I'm thinking of is that 
> I get 3 external disks (USB or eSata, size to be determent)
> I install latest version of Bacula
> I hook up 2 of the disks to the server
> Daily and Differential keeps on going to tape
> Full goes to the first disk. Once the first disk is filled up it moves
> to the next disk.
> When the 1st disk is filled up I remove that off site and put in the 3rd
> disk. 
> Once the 2nd disk is filled it moves on to the 3rd disk (which is now
> connected), I take the 2nd offsite and take back the 1st disk.
> And so on.
> In other words, I use the disks almost as if they where tapes.
> Is this possible to get working? 
> I did read about backup to multiple disks and symlinks and stuff but
> since I changing the disk I don't know if that's the way to go. 
> Can I somehow fake a autochanger function (autochanger with two slots)
> and run some script whenever it change disk?
> Any other suggestions where I can circulate disks in stead of tapes?
> As I remember it it was some issues moving between tapes and disks
> (solved with Migrate?) so maybe I could get another disk just for
> inc/diff backups to make it a little simpler.

I suggest this option:

- Backup up to local HDD (preferably on at least RAID-1)
- use rsync to mirror those local HDD to external HDD

This is much easier to setup from a Bacula point of view.

Does that help?

Dan Langille

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