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[Bacula-devel] backup to removable external disk

I been using bacula to backup my environment to tape for a while but I
started to run into problems with size and time and considering changing
the way I do backup.
I started to read up a little but it's so many options I decided to ask
the exports for suggestions.

At the moment I'm backing up everything to DLT 40/80 tapes and despite
excluding a lot it takes almost 24h to complete a full backup.
I do a full backup once/month and take the tapes offsite for offsite
storage. Daily and weekly is stored onsite.
Easiest might be to get a bigger/faster tapedrive but the budget for
that isn't there so I'm thinking of another solution in using disks
similar to using tapes. (1T external disk $200-250CAD, equal in tapes -
way more + the tapedrive)

What I'm thinking of is that 
I get 3 external disks (USB or eSata, size to be determent)
I install latest version of Bacula
I hook up 2 of the disks to the server
Daily and Differential keeps on going to tape
Full goes to the first disk. Once the first disk is filled up it moves
to the next disk.
When the 1st disk is filled up I remove that off site and put in the 3rd
Once the 2nd disk is filled it moves on to the 3rd disk (which is now
connected), I take the 2nd offsite and take back the 1st disk.
And so on.
In other words, I use the disks almost as if they where tapes.

Is this possible to get working? 
I did read about backup to multiple disks and symlinks and stuff but
since I changing the disk I don't know if that's the way to go. 
Can I somehow fake a autochanger function (autochanger with two slots)
and run some script whenever it change disk?
Any other suggestions where I can circulate disks in stead of tapes?

As I remember it it was some issues moving between tapes and disks
(solved with Migrate?) so maybe I could get another disk just for
inc/diff backups to make it a little simpler.

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