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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-users] Bacula compiled with MySQL is using sqlite for catalog.


05.09.2008 16:58, Ryan Novosielski wrote:
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> Matthew Macdonald-Wallace wrote:
>> On Fri, 05 Sep 2008 10:48:27 +0200
>> Arno Lehmann <al@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> This looks like, during the upgrade, the make_catalog_backup script 
>>> wasn't replaced. (This is, generally, desirable as it's not uncommon 
>>> you modify that script.)
>> Bang on the money!
>> Thanks for that, it would have taken me ages to track it down, the only
>> difference between the files appears to be whether test is run against
>> "xmysql" or "xsqlite".
>> Although I can see reasons why you'd test against a static variable in
>> the file, would there also be an argument to have a "DBType = " var in
>> one of the .conf files that enabled you to switch between backends?
>> I know nothing about the code so any reasons why this would be a Bad
>> Thing (tm) would be appreciated.
> Sounds reasonable to me. There are a few things like this that irritate
> me (for example, the username to run the init scripts as generally seems
> to be contained in the init scripts, which it urges me not to touch as
> they will be overwritten). This could even be gleaned from the binary,
> really, as I think the binary will have links to only one kind of
> database library.

Well, the idea seems reasonable.

Implementing it might mean a bit of work for the developers, though... 
nothing spectacular, I believe: Just create a %-variable holding the 
catalog database type and pass that as a parameter to the catalog 
backup script.

I cc the -devel list - hopefully someone picks it up ;-)

Reply-to is set to the -devel list now as I believe the feature is 
desirable, doesn't need much discussion, and is rather easy to implement.


Arno Lehmann
IT-Service Lehmann
Sandstr. 6, 49080 Osnabrück

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