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[Bacula-devel] Bacula config generator/parser?

Hi folks,

I am working on a webbased configuration tool for Bacula written in  
Ruby on Rails. As I am at the point where I have to generate a valid  
configuration file and I am a bit clueless I thought I'd ask here for  
some advice.
Did someone else had a go at generating (and preferably importing)  
Bacula configuration files? I allready looked at lib/parse_conf but  
this didn't help either(it's me lacking proper C skills). So far I  
have the organized the ressources in different database tables and  
named each db field after the directive. This will ease the generation  
part as I only have to crawl through the db and fetch the field name  
and it's value. Still I am reluctant to do so as it doesen't feel  
right - so my main question remains - it there any more generic way to  
handle such a situation (that would also imply the reverse - also  
parsing config files)?


Stefan Sorin Nicolin

Unix guy, Mac head, Rails wannabe,
computer science alumnus, usability
guesspert and overall big time visionary

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