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Re: [Bacula-devel] exclude files by touching special file on client


On Wednesday 03 September 2008 10:09:26 Ulrich Leodolter wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-09-02 at 18:28 +0200, Kern Sibbald wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Yes, I remember this patch quite well, because (amazingly enough) I just
> > finished the first cut of the documentation (a bit crude at the moment)
> > for this feature, and it will be posted to the web site in a few minutes
> > in the New Features chapter of the development manual.  The New Features
> > chapter is near the beginning of the Bacula Concepts document.
> >
> > http://www.bacula.org/manuals/en/concepts/concepts/New_Features.html
> >
> > On Tuesday 02 September 2008 17:54:30 Ulrich Leodolter wrote:
> > > Hello,
> > >
> > > i remember a patch on this (or users) list which
> > > allows exclude on client side by touching special
> > > files. e.g
> > >
> > > touch /private/.nobackup
> > >
> > > will exclude all files under /private
> > >
> > > the filename ".nobackup" could be specified by
> > > server side config option.
> > >
> > >
> > > anyone remembers this patch?
> > > is it in svn?
> >
> > Yes, the code is integrated into the trunk svn.  I no longer have the
> > original patch, so if you want it, you will need to look through the
> > developer's email list for the original email.  In fact, if I remember
> > right, the patch was for the trunk.  At this time, we are not planning to
> > back port it to 2.4.x since it requires a change of the protocol between
> > the Director and the Client.
> >
> > You are, of course, welcome to try the trunk code, but it is not yet
> > production ready.  However, within the next few weeks (once we have at
> > least some minimal documentation), we are planning to release a beta
> > version of this code (version 2.5.x) which appears to be quite stable.
> thanks for the infos, i am running the svn trunk for a few months
> doing "svn up" about every week.  i can confirm: it is quite stable.
> maybe u remember i am also running a daily CopyDiskToTape job.

Yes, I remember quite well, I just did not make the association with your 
name.  I have now, and hopefully will now remember.

> +-------+------------+-------------------+
> | Jobs  | Files      | Bytes             |
> +-------+------------+-------------------+
> | 1,839 | 28,479,255 | 1,430,345,673,409 |
> +-------+------------+-------------------+
> this is our current client version list (redhat = centos :-)
> 2.5.3 (08Aug08) i686-pc-linux-gnu,redhat,Enterprise release  (director)
> 2.4.2 (26Jul08) i686-redhat-linux-gnu,redhat
> 2.5.3 (30Aug08) i686-pc-linux-gnu,debian,lenny/sid
> 2.4.2 (26Jul08) Linux,Cross-compile,Win32
> 2.2.7 (24Dec07) powerpc-apple-darwin8.11.0,darwin,8.11.0
> 2.4.2 (26Jul08) x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu,redhat
> 2.4.2 (26Jul08) i686-redhat-linux-gnu,redhat
> 2.4.2 (26Jul08) x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu,redhat
> 2.4.2 (26Jul08) i686-redhat-linux-gnu,redhat
> i will try the IgnoreDir option.
> what happens when IgnoreDir ist used in a common FileSet
> definition which is also used by older (<2.5) clients ?

It will not work with older clients since it requires new DIR-FD protocol.  If 
you use it with an older client, the client will probably just terminate the 
comm line.  However, the DIR-FD connection could just stall and wait forever.

> as soon as 2.5 is out we will use it (replacing emc networker)
> for all our linux servers + linux mac win workstations.
> any release plans for 2.5, maybe end of september?
> (my chief is also waiting :-)

Originally, I had planned it for September, but it is now rescheduled for 
around the end of the year.  This is because I have been putting a big effort 
in getting the commercial support offering in place (should be ready mid-end 
Sept) and I am also working on a Bacula Certification course, which will 
consume a lot of my time.  Most of the development for 3.0.0 is finished, but 
there is a lot of work testing and documenting and of course fixing the 
inevitable bug ...

We do hope to start releasing beta versions in the next couple of weeks, which 
means beta Win32 versions too ...

Note, when you start using 2.5.x clients, you will need to carefully test the 
restore functions (it seems to work fine) because the very low level routines 
that traverse the filesystem and create directories and files have been 
rewritten from scratch.

The code that historically has given a lot of problems is the Storage daemon 
and there the core changes in 2.5 have been ported back to the prior 
production code and comprised the upgrade from 2.2.x to 2.4.x.  As a 
consequence, there is very little risk with the 2.5 storage daemon code since 
the vast bulk of it is already in production in 2.4.2 ...

Best regards,


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