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Re: [Bacula-devel] small mysql patch


2008/8/31 Eric Bollengier <eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> If you want to use new indexes with dbcheck, you can modify dbcheck.c in this
> way :
>  - ask to the user if he wants to add them (think about disk space)
>  - add them + run analyse
>  - run the cleanup operation
>  - remove them
> FYI, postgresql can use composite indexes, so it will require less indexes
> than mysql.

It seems the problem appears only when working with MYSQL.

I made a small program in order to make temporary index
CREATE INDEX idxFJ  ON File (FileId, JobId);
and then removes him.

Now I little understand a  Bacula API. And there is one problem:
my source code depends on the DBMS (MySQL).
And I still do not know how it can be inserted in dbcheck.c

If I write (in dbcheck.c) as follows:

# ifdef HAVE_MYSQL
/ * My code uses bacula api * /
# endif

So it would be wrong, imho, or is this possible?
Can you suggest any solution?

with best regards

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