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[Bacula-devel] StorageDaemon: Job name not found


I've got 3 Hosts:
evo_www (IP with a FD
OBC (IP with the Director (and a test-SD)
OBC2 (IP with a SD

If I start a job for backup evo_www on OBC2 I get an error.

Before that I create a ssh-tunnel like this:
/usr/bin/ssh -fnCN2 -o PreferredAuthentications=publickey -i /etc/bacula/ssh/bacula -l root -R 9101: -R 9103: evo_www

The tunnel is ok because if I start the OBC2-SD in debug-mode I get
output if I started the job:
obc2-sd: bnet.c:1154 who=client host= port=36643
obc2-sd: job.c:207 Job name not found: evo-www.2008-03-25_21.14.28

A lot of minutes later the FD has a timeout:
evo-plattform1-fd: btimers.c:212 thread timer 0x80a3808 kill bsock tid=0xb70f2b90 at 1206476671.
evo-plattform1-fd: authenticate.c:196 cram_get_auth failed for Storage daemon
evo-plattform1-fd: job.c:208 Quit command loop. Canceled=1

The most interesting thing for me is, that a backup of evo_www over
SSH on OBC is successfull. The only different is the ssh-tunnel
/usr/bin/ssh -fnCN2 -o PreferredAuthentications=publickey -i /etc/bacula/ssh/bacula -l root -R 9101: -R 9103: evo_www

My question is: why does the SD on OBC2 not know about the job? What's
wrong? Or WHEN does the SD hear about the job? And who talk about the
job? The director or the FD?

The SD is: 2.0.3-4ubuntu4
The director ist: Version: 2.0.3-4ubuntu4
I tried some hosts with different versions of FD.
The FD is: less than 2.0.3

I hope anobody can help me.

Kind regards,
Thomas Rotter

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