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[Bacula-devel] Release 0.8.6 of GPL PV drivers for Windows

After much delay and hair loss, I have finally uploaded another binary
release of the GPL PV drivers for Windows.

Download from http://www.meadowcourt.org/WindowsXenPV-0.8.6.zip

Changes in this release are:

. Xennet is configurable via the 'Advanced' tab on the network
. Lots of bug fixes in Xennet (thanks Andy), and other changes mainly
related to differences between windows and linux in the way they do csum
and large send offload. Should work better than the qemu drivers in this
. Fixed a bug where an x32 DomU wouldn't boot if it was configured with
4G or more of memory.
. Lots of other stuff probably.

To upgrade from a previous version, the following steps are probably the
best way forward:

1. Delete all of xen*.sys EXCEPT xenhide.sys from
2. Boot into non-GPLPV mode
3. Run install.bat
4. Boot into GPLPV mode
5. Install the network drivers (windows should prompt that it has
detected new drivers)



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