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Re: [Bacula-devel] Feature Request: Possibilty to schedule Jobs on last Friday of the month


Thanks. I've added this to the projects list.

On Sunday 02 March 2008 20:46:34 Carsten Menke wrote:
> Hi, as suggested by Kern here is the feature request, the summary may be a
> little inaccurate as it just describes one scenario but, to get it all
> short I've chosen this one
>    Item 26: Possibilty to schedule Jobs on last Friday of the month
>    Origin: Carsten Menke <bootsy52 at gmx dot net>
>    Date:   02 March 2008
>    Status:
>    What:   Currently if you want to run your monthly Backups on the last
>            Friday of each month this is only possible with workarounds (e.g
> scripting) (As some months got 4 Fridays and some got 5 Fridays)
>            The same is true if you plan to run your yearly Backups on the
> last Friday of the year. It would be nice to have the ability to use the
> builtin scheduler for this.
>    Why:    In many companies the last working day of the week is Friday (or
> Saturday), so to get the most data of the month onto the monthly tape, the
> employees are advised to insert the tape for the monthly backups on the
> last friday of the month.
>    Notes:  To give this a complete functionality it would be nice if the
> "first" and "last" Keywords could be implemented in the scheduler, so it is
> also possible to run monthy backups at the first friday of the month and
> many things more. So if the syntax would expand to this {first|last}
> {Month|Week|Day|Mo-Fri} of the {Year|Month|Week} you would be able to run
> really flexible jobs.
> To got a certain Job run on the last Friday of the Month for example one
> could then write
>    Run = pool=Monthly last Fri of the Month at 23:50
>    ## Yearly Backup
>    Run = pool=Yearly last Fri of the Year at 23:50
>    ## Certain Jobs the last Week of a Month
>    Run = pool=LastWeek last Week of the Month at 23:50
>    ## Monthly Backup on the last day of the month
>    Run = pool=Monthly last Day of the Month at 23:50

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