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[Bacula-devel] Tokyo Cabinet DBM candidate for the accurate project

Hello Eric,

I ran a small test of Tokyo Cabinet DBM compared to our htable routines.

Inputting 5 million records to htable and then reading them all back takes 7.7 
seconds, and uses up 240MB .

Inputting 5 million records to TCDBM (using the same records as above) and 
reading them back takes 1 minute 33 seconds.

Using 1 million records, it runs in 8.8 seconds.

So, it is a bit slower for at a million records, and quite a bit at 5 million, 
but that can probably be tuned.  In those tests, I did tune it to use 
something like 40MB of memory.  In addition, it mallocs and frees each record 
returned.  He has calls to allow the records to be returned in our own 
buffers, so this would probably reduce the time a lot.

Best regards,


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