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Re: [Bacula-devel] Tape Drives Race


Unless I have misunderstood your description,
I think this is a support problem, and so you should not really be writing to 
the bacula-users list unless they told you otherwise.  Please see 
www.bacula.org -> Support

If you are working without an autochanger and you set PreferMountedVolumes=no, 
you are probably shooting yourself in the foot since you have told Bacula not 
to accept a volume that is already "mounted", so obviously, it isn't going to 
want to use the Volume you have in the drive and will ask for another one.  I 
have never tried this but if you explicitly mount it from bconsole, it will 
probably just the same accept it.

There have been an enormous number of changes in the SD drivers lately, so if 
you don't specify what your OS is and what version of Bacula you are using, 
any comments I make are guesses based on the latest release (2.2.8).

Unless you explicitly ask Bacula to eject a tape it will not.  It can free the 
drive, which appears in the status as "not mounted", but that doesn't mean 
that the Volume has been ejected in the more common sense of the use of the 
word mounted.

On Thursday 27 March 2008 15:35:55 Christian Sabelmann wrote:
> Here a simpler way to reproduce the problem.
> As a Reminder.
> I am using 2 Tape Drives (without autochanger)
> PREFER_MOUNTED_VOLUMES is set to NO for every JOB
> There is only one POOL for every Job.
> This is the Manual Approach, but the same can occur with scheduled Jobs.
> I insert two valid, new or even recycled tapes in the two tape Drives.
> Drive01 is mounted with Volume01
> Drive02 is mounted with Volume02
> I find the next Volume that Bacula would require for any Job related to
> the Pool I am using.
> I find out that Volume01 is the Next Volume to be use.
> I try to start a Job, but before I start it, I make sure the Job will
> use the Drive02 as Target Drive. Then Run.
> ***********Here the Problem 1***************
> Altough I set the Flag for Prefer_Mounted_Volumes to NO, bacula Insists
> and first attempts to get the Volume1.
> Intervention Needed Please mount Volume01 on Drive02.
> At this Point the Volume02 on Drive02 is not mounted anymore but is also
> not unmounted. Bacula is waiting for some intervention anyway.
> Because I know I set the flags so Bacula could accept Volume2 anyway, I
> have to remount the Volume02 which is already on Drive02.
> I can first unmount it and then mount it again.  Or I can directly just
> mount it.  After that Bacula starts working normally since after mounting
> the Volume02 BAcula knows that this is also a valid volume.
> **************Here the Problem 2******************
> After this condition, I found that Bacula did the same with the Volume01
> mounted on Drive01.  The Tape is not mounted but also not unmounted.
> If some Job started using this Drive, It would also first start with a
> message *intervention needed, please mount a volume*, EVEN if the Job
> wanted the volume01 which is already on the Drive.  Funny isn't it?

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