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Re: [Bacula-devel] Windows bacula-fd abend during a backup.

Kern Sibbald wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 March 2008 19:58:00 Bob Hetzel wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> This is with the 2.2.9-b2 beta candidate announced today, but similarly
>> affected backups on this computer with other versions.
>> I've got a problem whereby bacula-fd abends in the middle of a backup.
>> This is on a windows Server 2003 / SP2 client.
>> I ran a crash analysis using Debug Diagnostics 1.1 and it produced the
>> following page...
>> http://casemed.case.edu/admin_computing/bacula/CrashHang_Report__PID_5276__
>> 03252008144224247.htm
>> I assume this is only the start of what might be helpful so if there's
>> anything else I can provide to help solve this I'd be willing to do
>> whatever I can.
> Well, it looks like it could be caused by a regex regex.  Could you provide 
> the FileSet that you were using?
> If I understand what you wrote above, you are saying that this is nothing new 
> with this version -- that you have seen it in prior versions.  Is that 
> correct?

Yes, it abends in the 2.2.8 (and I think 2.2.7) versions too on this 
server, I didn't try any much older versions as I'm still in the midst 
of trying to migrate my servers and workstations to bacula.

Here's the fileset it's using...

FileSet {
   Name = "d-drive-dirs"
   Ignore FileSet Changes = yes
   Include {
     Options {
     File = "D:/"

And here's the include file...
       signature = MD5
       noatime = yes
       ignore case = yes
       Exclude = yes
       RegexDir = "Cache"
       RegexDir = "Windows Defender"
       RegexDir = "Temporary Internet Files"
       RegexDir = "bacula"
       RegexDir = "Temp"

       RegexDir = "ATI Technologies"

       RegexDir = "wmdownloads"
       RegexDir = "My Music"
       RegexDir = "iTunes"
       RegexDir = "Cookies"

       RegexFile = "desktop.ini"
       RegexFile = "thumbs.db"
       RegexFile = "acrobat7.exe"
       RegexFile = "acr6win.exe"
       RegexFile = "AdbeRdr70_enu_full.exe"
       RegexFile = "antivirus10_1_5.exe"
       #thunderbird lock file
       RegexFile = "parent.lock"

       RegexDir = "Retrospect Restore Points"

       #exclude i386 director of windows installer files
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/i386"

       # Exclude Mozilla-based programs' file caches
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Documents and Settings/*/Application 
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Users/*/Application Data/*/Profiles/*/*/ImapMail"

       # Exclude user's registry files - they're always in use anyway.
       WildFile = "[A-Z]:/Documents and Settings/*/Local 
Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Windows/usrclass.*"
       WildFile = "[A-Z]:/Users/*/Local Settings/Application 
       WildFile = "[A-Z]:/Documents and Settings/*/ntuser.*"
       WildFile = "[A-Z]:/Users/*/ntuser.*"

       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Documents and Settings/*/Recent"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Users/*/Recent"

       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Documents and Settings/*/Local Settings/History"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Users/*/Local Settings/History"

       # These are always open and unable to be backed up
       WildFile = "[A-Z]:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application 
       WildFile = "[A-Z]:/Users/All Users/Application 

       #Exclude all of Windows...
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/windows"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/winnt"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/winxp"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/win"

       #symantec antivirus app stuff
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/*/Symantec*"

       #system volume information
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/System Volume Information"

       WildFile = "*.tmp"
       # ghost image and spanning files
       WildFile = "*.gho"
       WildFile = "*.ghs"

       # Recycle bins
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/RECYCLER"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/RECYCLER"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/RECYCLED"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/$RECYCLE.BIN"

       # Swap files
       WildFile = "[A-Z]:/pagefile.sys"

       # These are programs and are easier to reinstall than restore from
       # backup
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/cygwin"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Program Files/Adobe/Acrobat 7.0"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Program Files/Adobe/Acrobat 8.0"

       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Program Files/Common Files/Software Center"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Software Center"

       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Program Files/Grisoft"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Program Files/Java"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Program Files/Java Web Start"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Program Files/JavaSoft"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Program Files/Microsoft Office"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Program Files/Mozilla Thunderbird"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Program Files/mozilla.org"
       WildDir = "[A-Z]:/Program Files/OpenOffice*"

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