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[Bacula-devel] regression ctest reorganization


I recently purchased a rather big server (David would snicker at the "rather 
big") so that I can run Virtual Machines and do more testing without 
affecting my development work.  Yesterday, I moved my test autochanger to 
that machine, and found that it is not possible to load from slot 1.  
Interesting, because before the move, it could not load from slot 3.

Since all the autochanger tests expect to use slot 1 and slot 2, I was forced 
to make some changes, which I have been wanting to do for some time.

As a result, I have named a number of the tests, and added more info to the 
config file so that in addition to the Autochanger, you can specify what 
slots to use (currently it uses a max of 2) and what drives.

I've also reclassified the tests into the following categories:

tape                   either one standalone drive or an autochanger
changer             autochanger with at least two slots available
2drive-changer  autochanger with two drives
win32-tape         win32 tests (very specific I hope to generalize them            
long-tape           long running tape tests
weird-tape          you need an autochanger and one standalone drive to run
                              this one
valgrind             test meant to run under valgrind (not yet working as such
                              with ctest)

The scripts to run the tests and post them to the dashboard are now:

nightly-all                     disk + tape + changer
nightly-disk-and-tape   disk + tape
nightly-disk                  disk only
nightly-tape                 tape only

experimental-all                     disk + tape + changer
experimental-disk-and-tape   disk + tape
experimental-disk                  disk only
experimental-tape                 tape only

If you are running only the nightly-disk or experimental-disk, you won't need 
to make many changes, only add a few more environment variables to your 
config file.  If you are running with an autochanger, you will need to do a 
bit of additional configuration (rather easy).

I'm attaching the new prototype.conf  file as "config" and recommend that you 
modify your config file to contain the new environment variables.  If you do 
that now, then when I make the commit, your scripts should continue to run 
correctly (at least that is the idea -- there are so many changes that I am 
not sure though ...)

The new environment variables that you should have are:

Best regards,

# Where to get the source to be tested

# Where to send email   !!!!! Change me !!!!!!!

# Full "default" path where to find sqlite (no quotes!)

# set to /dev/null if you do not have a tape drive
# Note this is used for both the tape tests and the
#   autochanger

# if you don't have an autochanger set AUTOCHANGER to /dev/null

# drive index of first autochanger drive

# drive index of second autochanger drive or "none" (in lowercase)

# what slot to use for first tape

# what slot to use for the second tape

# For two drive tests -- set to /dev/null if you do not have it 

# This must be the path to the autochanger including its name

# Set your database here

# Set this to "--with-tcp-wrappers" or "--without-tcp-wrappers"

# Set this to "" to disable OpenSSL support, "--with-openssl=yes"
# to enable it, or provide the path to the OpenSSL installation,
# eg "--with-openssl=/usr/local"
# Note, you can also add any other (as many as you want) special   
#  Bacula configuration options here, such as --disable-batch-insert

# You may put your real host name here, but localhost is valid also
#  and it has the advantage that it works on a non-newtworked machine

# see --with-base-port at
# http://www.bacula.org/rel-manual/Installing_Bacula.html
# You only need to change this if you want to run more than one instance
# of regression testing on the same box. You'll need to set BASEPORT
# to values that do not overlap.  BASEPORT is the first of three ports
# required by each instance, one for each of Dir, SD, and the FD.

# If you want to post items to the Bacula Dart dashboard, you need to
#  create a unique name here for each of your test machines.
# We recommend that you prefix it by your name, and if you have multiple
#  test machines, add some indication of the machine.
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