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Re: [Bacula-devel] Accurate file project hash tables

On Tuesday 25 March 2008 20:01:03 Peter Buschman wrote:
> At 19:48 25.3.2008, David Boyes wrote:
> > > The problem with all "libraries" is either porting, which apparently
> >
> >with
> >
> > > dbm
> > > is not a problem, or the license.  About the only license that works
> >
> >with
> >
> > > Bacula is the BSD 3 clause license.  Can you point me to code that is
> > > small
> > > and appropriately licensed?
> >
> >Gdbm (the GNU variant of dbm) can be obtained from ftp.gnu.org or the
> >Usual Sources. It's clean enough for Debian, but YMMV.
> >
> >Ndbm (the 4.4BSD dbm and the one shipped (I think) on solaris) should be
> >already present, or in most distributions. It's used by sendmail, so
> >should be present anywhere there's sendmail.
> >
> >Whether these are clean enough for you to use, I don't have any way of
> >telling. Gdbm is known to work well on Linux, Windows and Solaris; AIX
> >has spotty reports, HP/UX also has spotty reports. Irix has ndbm.
> FWIW, all of the code for SQLite is in the public domain
> (http://www.sqlite.org/copyright.html). Although I haven't looked
> under the hood, it undoubtedly uses some kind of hash algorithm for
> indexing and the authors note that they moved from gdbm to their own
> library for performance reasons. Since SQLite compiles cleanly
> everywhere Bacula does, it is possible there might be a dbm-like api
> within easy reach and without license encumberments of any kind.
We considered SQLite and rejected before starting the project because it is 
too big for what we need both in the size of the code and in its 
functionality.   SQL is not needed.  

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