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Re: [Bacula-devel] Windows bacula-fd abend during a backup.

On Tuesday 25 March 2008 19:58:00 Bob Hetzel wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is with the 2.2.9-b2 beta candidate announced today, but similarly
> affected backups on this computer with other versions.
> I've got a problem whereby bacula-fd abends in the middle of a backup.
> This is on a windows Server 2003 / SP2 client.
> I ran a crash analysis using Debug Diagnostics 1.1 and it produced the
> following page...
> http://casemed.case.edu/admin_computing/bacula/CrashHang_Report__PID_5276__
> I assume this is only the start of what might be helpful so if there's
> anything else I can provide to help solve this I'd be willing to do
> whatever I can.

Well, it looks like it could be caused by a regex regex.  Could you provide 
the FileSet that you were using?

If I understand what you wrote above, you are saying that this is nothing new 
with this version -- that you have seen it in prior versions.  Is that 

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