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Re: [Bacula-devel] Accurate file project hash tables

On Tuesday 25 March 2008 20:01:03 Peter Buschman wrote:
> At 19:48 25.3.2008, David Boyes wrote:
> > > The problem with all "libraries" is either porting, which apparently
> >
> >with
> >
> > > dbm
> > > is not a problem, or the license.  About the only license that works
> >
> >with
> >
> > > Bacula is the BSD 3 clause license.  Can you point me to code that is
> > > small
> > > and appropriately licensed?
> >
> >Gdbm (the GNU variant of dbm) can be obtained from ftp.gnu.org or the
> >Usual Sources. It's clean enough for Debian, but YMMV.

GPL is uncompatible with bacula core...

> >Ndbm (the 4.4BSD dbm and the one shipped (I think) on solaris) should be
> >already present, or in most distributions. It's used by sendmail, so
> >should be present anywhere there's sendmail.
> >
> >Whether these are clean enough for you to use, I don't have any way of
> >telling. Gdbm is known to work well on Linux, Windows and Solaris; AIX
> >has spotty reports, HP/UX also has spotty reports. Irix has ndbm.
> FWIW, all of the code for SQLite is in the public domain
> (http://www.sqlite.org/copyright.html). Although I haven't looked
> under the hood, it undoubtedly uses some kind of hash algorithm for
> indexing and the authors note that they moved from gdbm to their own
> library for performance reasons. Since SQLite compiles cleanly
> everywhere Bacula does, it is possible there might be a dbm-like api
> within easy reach and without license encumberments of any kind.

SQlite is too big for just a hash usage, i don't think that you can use only 
the hash-disk code directly.

It's true that good libraries exist for this job. For example DB Berkeley is 
present everywhere and the licence is compatible. But it add a dependency
on client side.

We can also try to detect if the library is present, and failback to bacula 
hash table code if not... ?


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