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[Bacula-devel] Bacula BETA 2.2.9-b2 released


Well Bacula BETA 2.2.9-b1 was probably the shortest lived release ever.  :-(  
Eric Bollengier found a serious error (not properly tested in the regression 
scripts, but will be soon) and quickly sent a patch -- bravo Eric!  :-)

So, I have release 2.2.9-b2 which contains the patch plus better Release 

For memory, here is what I previously wrote about this release.  I've updated 
the message to refer to the current release:

I have just released the second BETA version of Bacula 2.2.9 (named 2.2.9-b2) 
as well as the Win32 binaries to Source Forge.

I am releasing it as a beta release because it contains a large number 
of changes and a backport of a lot of fixes for the Storage daemon 
reservation system.   The Linux source code has been quite well tested and 
passes all the regression tests.  For those of you who are having tape drive 
problems with bug #1053, I recommend that you try this version, but I doubt 
it will fix all the problems.

The Win32 code has a number of bug fixes and code that should allow mount 
points to work correctly (not many Win32 users use mount points).   WARNING 
several users have reported that this version does not work for them.  I 
strongly recommend careful testing with the Win32 version and please be sure 
to keep a copy of your previous version if you must fall back.

To the best of my knowledge this beta release has not been tested on Solaris 
or Mac OS X.  However, it has been tested on Linux and FreeBSD.

We would appreciate feedback on this version -- particularly whether or not it 
has fixed the bugs ...

Best regards,


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