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Re: [Bacula-devel] sql query with PathId=0 during verify job

Kern Sibbald schrieb:
> I just took my dog out for his late night run.  The nice thing about that is 
> that it gave me a chance to think about your problem given your new 
> information, and I now am about 95% sure I now know what is going wrong.  
> The FFFFFFFA you are seeing is a negative integer, as I previously mentioned.  
> In fact, it is a -6, which is exactly the code that Bacula uses to signal a 
> heartbeat. 
> So, I imagine that my hypothesis #3 is kicking in (a Bacula bug). You most 
> likely have heartbeat turned on between the DIR and the FD, and you probably 
> have it set it to a low interval.  Unfortunately, the heartbeat during a 
> Verify is very likely to create exactly this problem.

fd: Heartbeat Interval = 300
dir: Heartbeat Interval = 5min
sd: Heartbeat Interval = 5min

The funny thing is, that the problem does not always happen in the
same time frame, or even near the heartbeat interval of 5min.

> The workaround is either to turn off heartbeat in your FD for your Verify jobs 
> (not possible on a job by job basis) or set it longer than the time it takes 
> to run the verify.

There are some very long running verify jobs (TB's of data), setting
the heartbeat to an interval of xx hours wouldn't make sense. But I'll
try to disable the fd's heartbeat completely. The fd I use for verify
jobs is running on the same system the dir is running. So it shouldn't
be a problem.
> The longterm solution is that Bacula should not use the heartbeat code during 
> a Verify.  

I'm really glad that you found the reason, as you can see in bug
report #1061 it was slowly driving me crazy ;)


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