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Re: [Bacula-devel] sql query with PathId=0 during verify job

Kern Sibbald wrote:
> On Monday 24 March 2008 20:17:05 Ralf Gross wrote:
>> Hi,
>> while trying to debug the bsock errors that I get during some verify
>> jobs, I found something interesting in the fd's debug file (-d100).
> This is a good idea.
>> A verify job of the same jobid (diff backup from sunday) first
>> failed yesterday but was successful in a second attempt.
>> Part of the successful verify job from sunday:
>> sql_get.c:73-0 db_get_file_att_record
>> fname=/server/cvsroot/iprep/ants-rt/src/components/vehicle/rectification/ip
>> _highlevel/src/pelCont.cc,v sql_get.c:127-0 Get_file_record JobId=1683
>> FilenameId=539133 PathId=750055 sql_get.c:129-0 Query=SELECT FileId, LStat,
>> MD5 FROM File WHERE File.JobId=1683 AND File.PathId=750055 AND
>> File.FilenameId=539133 sql_get.c:133-0 get_file_record num_rows=1
>> getmsg.c:110-0 bget_dirmsg 42: 89449 3 p3STS8yKrYA5KQzv5yelcg *MD5-89449*
>> Now for debug reasons I reran this verify job.
>> This is the last file that was checked before the bsock error occured
>> (packt size too big), it's the same FilenameId as above:
>> sql_get.c:73-0 db_get_file_att_record
>> fname=/server/cvsroot/iprep/ANTSRT/SRC/Components/UTA2/ImageRectificationOp
>> enGl/ip/ip_hi<FF><FF><FF><FA>ghlevel/src/pelCont.cc,v sql_get.c:127-0
>> Get_file_record JobId=1683 FilenameId=539133 PathId=0 sql_get.c:129-0
>> Query=SELECT FileId, LStat, MD5 FROM File WHERE File.JobId=1683 AND
>> File.PathId=0 AND File.FilenameId=539133 sql_get.c:133-0 get_file_record
>> num_rows=0
>> verify.c:580-0 File not in catalog:
>> /server/cvsroot/iprep/ANTSRT/SRC/Components/UTA2/ImageRectificationOpenGl/i
>> p/ip_hi<FF><FF><FF><FA>ghlevel/src/pelCont.cc,v
>> I don't know where the <FF><FF><FF><FA> characters are coming from.
> Well, I would say that the most likely causes of those characters are:
> 1. You have a bad network card or the loopback interface is screwed up.
> 2. You are not running Bacula with UTF-8 turned on and you have German accents 
> in some filenames.
> 3. There is some strange bug in Bacula that is causing the filename record to 
> get clobbered.
> To me the most likely is #1 because it looks to me like a negative integer (4 
> characters) has been inserted in the middle of the line.

That kind of data corruption is highly unlikely - TCP has pretty good checks
in it against that kind of problem.

That said, it should be relatively straightforward to verify by examining a
tcpdump of the problem, and looking to see if the corrupted strings appear
corrupted in the network stream as well.

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