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[Bacula-devel] sql query with PathId=0 during verify job


while trying to debug the bsock errors that I get during some verify
jobs, I found something interesting in the fd's debug file (-d100).

A verify job of the same jobid (diff backup from sunday) first
failed yesterday but was successful in a second attempt.

Part of the successful verify job from sunday:

sql_get.c:73-0 db_get_file_att_record fname=/server/cvsroot/iprep/ants-rt/src/components/vehicle/rectification/ip_highlevel/src/pelCont.cc,v 
sql_get.c:127-0 Get_file_record JobId=1683 FilenameId=539133 PathId=750055
sql_get.c:129-0 Query=SELECT FileId, LStat, MD5 FROM File WHERE File.JobId=1683 AND File.PathId=750055 AND File.FilenameId=539133
sql_get.c:133-0 get_file_record num_rows=1
getmsg.c:110-0 bget_dirmsg 42: 89449 3 p3STS8yKrYA5KQzv5yelcg *MD5-89449*

Now for debug reasons I reran this verify job.

This is the last file that was checked before the bsock error occured
(packt size too big), it's the same FilenameId as above:

sql_get.c:73-0 db_get_file_att_record fname=/server/cvsroot/iprep/ANTSRT/SRC/Components/UTA2/ImageRectificationOpenGl/ip/ip_hi<FF><FF><FF><FA>ghlevel/src/pelCont.cc,v 
sql_get.c:127-0 Get_file_record JobId=1683 FilenameId=539133 PathId=0
sql_get.c:129-0 Query=SELECT FileId, LStat, MD5 FROM File WHERE File.JobId=1683 AND File.PathId=0 AND File.FilenameId=539133
sql_get.c:133-0 get_file_record num_rows=0
verify.c:580-0 File not in catalog: /server/cvsroot/iprep/ANTSRT/SRC/Components/UTA2/ImageRectificationOpenGl/ip/ip_hi<FF><FF><FF><FA>ghlevel/src/pelCont.cc,v

I don't know where the <FF><FF><FF><FA> characters are coming from.

Interesting is, that the successful verify job did a different sql
query with an additional File.PathId=750055 instead of File.PathId=0.
This is the only query with File.PathId=0 in the debug file.

Is the File.PathId in the failed job 0 because of the extra characters
in the path to the file? Where are these characters are coming from?
Bad memory?  But wouldn't I then get similar errors during a backup
job that runs 10 hours? I haven't had a backup error for weeks, but
many verify error (100% bsock errors).

All daemons that are involved in this verify job are running on the
same server. All traffic is going over the lo interface. postgres 8.1,
bacula 2.2.8.

I've no problems in backing up TB's of data, but verify jobs are
giving me a hard time at the moment.


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