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Re: [Bacula-devel] Prefer Mounted Volumes

Do you have an Autochanger or are you talking about two separate drives?  Some 
of what you write is very sketchy and hard to understand, mostly because you 
did not include any actual output that shows what you are trying to describe.

If you are talking about separate drives, you are asking for something that is 
not yet implemented in Bacula -- the ability to switch to a different drive 
after it has reserved one.  This feature will be available in a later version 
unless someone supplies a patch before then.

If you are talking about autochangers, then perhaps this is the same problem 
that is reported in bug 1053, and I have not been able to reproduce it, so 
solving it is not easy.



On Monday 17 March 2008 16:37:26 Christian Sabelmann wrote:
> Hello I am having a Problem with Bacula 2.2.6
> I have 2 TapeDrives (DAT-72)
> Im running everyday lots of BackupJobs. For this purpose I use a single
> Pool.
> Because of the big amount of Data being backed up daily, I have to
> change tapes once a day and rarely 2 times. I always try to maintaing
> the both Drives equally busy distributing the Jobs among the two drives.
> At the beginning I had a Problem, Sometimes a Job wanted the tape which
> was on the other tape, and there was no way to force Bacula to use the
> Tape I intended to use. Altough I was using a valid recycled Tape.
> I though the Issue could be resolved using the directive PREFER MOUNTED
> VOLUMES = NO for every Job would help.
> Indeed, it was better, because when Bacula told me to use a specific
> tape.  If I inserted another "VALID" tape of the same Pool and mounted
> it, then bacula had no problem to write it.
> BUT!!
> Even using this option, I found that Bacula is still having some
> Preferences about the volumes to be use, which I found ok because, if I
> dont force bacula to use a specific tape, then naturally bacula should
> still be able to say what would be next tape to be use.  But this can
> create new Problems.
> This way can recreate the problem.
> There are two Drives.  Drive A, and Drive B.
> The volume001 is mounted on Drive A, and volume002 on Drive B respectively.
> (As I put before, every Job uses the same Pool)
> For this trial Bacula is ready to use volume001 as the next usable Tape
> for any Job related to the Pool.
> If I try to run a Job using the Drive B (loaded with volume002). Then
> the error happens.
> Bacula want me to mount volume001 on DriveB. Even if the PREFER MOUnTED
> VOLUME=NO was set for the JOB!!
> but it gets even worse!
> Bacula has detected that volume001 was on driveA, so bacula did some
> pseudo-unmounting. This is strange because the volume is not properly
> unmounted, so i can not get the tape from DriveA without unmounting it
> properly.  The tape is also not properly mounted, If I try to start a
> Job on DriveA the Bacula says that DriveA is mount with an unknown
> volume, altough this is volume001 !!!
> and this is what I have to do every time this happens:
> Bacula wanted me to mount volume001 on DriveB,   Drive B was mounted
> with volume002, because Bacula wanted volume001, then the volume002 was
> also kind of pseudo-unmounted.
> If I want bacula to write using volume002 instead of volume001, then i
> have to remount it....
> .
> I think, in this case Bacula should check first which volume is mounted
> on the drive, and if the volume is Valid and the Flag prefer mounted
> volumes=NO is set, then Bacula should not ask for another tape, even if
> the tape is already mounted somewhere else... and just start writing
> instead of wait for intervention..
> any ideas how to solve this problem?

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