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[Bacula-devel] Bacula Status


We would like to bring you up to date on a number of subjects:

1. Testimonials
2. Regression dashboard
3. Bugs and version 2.2.x
4. Development and the next version (probably 3.0.0)
5. Misc

1. Testimonials:
As you can imagine having testimonials is an important aspect for spreading 
the use of Bacula. This is particularly the case now that Bacula is 
penetrating the enterprise market -- they want to see that it is used by 
other big companies.  

Recently Eric Bollengier (many thanks) enhanced the Testimonials page on our 
website to permit you to enter data about your organization for automatic 
publication on our web site.

We encourage you to help the project the project by adding your testimonial.  
You can do so with the link at:  www.bacula.org -> Testimonials, then click 
on the "Add your testimonial" link, and you will be presented with a page to 
fill out.  You must fill in enough data so that we can identify you, but you 
will have the option of what is published.  When you do send off your info 
for publishing, we will review it prior to putting it on the site.

Since it is in all Bacula user's interest to have a good set of testimonials 
to encourage new users, please take the time to send us yours :-)

2. Regression dashboard:
With Dan Languille's insistence and Frank Sweetser's coding effort, we now 
have a Bacula Regression dashboard, which is a sort of summary of all the 
regression tests run every day.  You can see the dashboard by going to the 
following link:


where you will see the tests run during the current day.  To see the results 
for previous days, click on the little << symbol just next to the Nightly 

The Nightly tests are tests run by "beta" testers generally on a regular daily 
basis.  For the moment we have no Continuous tests (kicked off after an SVN 
commit), nor do we have any Weekly tests.  The Experimental test area is 
generally used by developers prior to doing a commit. 

By clicking on various places on the screen, you can drill down and often see 
the exact reason for a warning or a test failure.

For the moment, these tests apply only to the next Bacula version (2.3.12 and 
later).  It has not been back ported to the 2.2.x release.  At some point, we 
will probably have regular testing of production releases.

Submitting tests is open to everyone, so if you have hardware that is not 
being used, particularly platforms that we are not testing, or hardware with 
a tape drive, we would be happy to help you set up a test environment (rather 
trivial).  To start, read the Regress chapter of the Developer's manual, then 
checkout the "regress" part of the Bacula SVN and read the README.ctest file 
for more details.  I would particularly like to see some Solaris testing.

3. Bugs and version 2.2.x 
There are a number of bugs open on version 2.2.8, and I have been working on 
them (sharing time with development).  Despite a lot of work, I still have 
not found a definitive solution to the SD race condition bug #1053, simply 
because I am not able to reproduce it here.  However, most the other bugs 
have resolutions.  Due to the fact that bug #1038 (Memory leak in Win32 FD) 
is relatively serious (currently resolved), we will be releasing a bug 
release update 2.2.9 in the next week or two.

4. Development and the next version (probably 3.0.0)
Development on the next Bacula version is progressing nicely.  Unless 
something unexpected comes up, we are planning the following major features:

 - Accurate restoration of renamed/deleted files (project #1)
 - Implement Catalog directive for Pool resource in Director (project #4)
 - Imply Copy jobs (partial implementation of project #8).
 - Better control over Job execution (project #18)
 - Operate on all pools with update command (project #20)
 - Add Plug-ins to the FileSet Include statements (project #12)
 - Restructuring the manual into a number of smaller manuals.
 - Continue to improve Bat
 - Continue to improve bweb

All the above projects are in an advanced state.  If we didn't also have bugs 
to worry about, we could probably add a few more projects, but that is 
unlikely at this point. We hope to have all the work complete, stabilized and 
tested for release in June. However, keep in mind that we don't get paid for 
doing this so, it will be released when it is ready and solid rather than by 
a fixed schedule :-)

5. Misc
I would like to thank UKFast.net for hosting our web site. Having the full 
control that they have given us over our machine allowed Eric to implement 
his Testimonial page, and we have found their up time and service excellent.
It is particularly comforting to know that they are backing up our server as 
part of their service using Bacula :-)

Best regards,


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