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Re: [Bacula-devel] Bug report on wx-console win with bacula 2.2.8


Now that I am back home with my normal development environment, I have tried a 
restore with bwx-console on WinXP and it always fails trying to set the 
storage. I believe this is pretty much what you reported.  In looking at the 
console output, it seems to me like it is doing things that it really should 
not be doing. 

Since bwx-console is currently our only GUI on Windows, I will give it a high 
priority -- it looks like the code needs to be reprogrammed.  I am a bit 
surprised that no one has reported this previously ...

Concerning the problems you report with bwx-console on Debian: thanks for the 
screen dumps.  I don't seem to be able to reproduce your problem, but what I 
suggest for you to do is to build and use bat instead of bwx-console for 
Linux systems.  bat has *many* more features, and it is known to work.  Since 
bat is far superior to bwx-console, we will not be supporting bwx-console any 
more on Linux systems.   I hope to have a port of bat to Win32 for the next 
version of Bacula; the main issue is getting Qt4 to build under mingw32.

I still recommend that you open a bug report on the Win32 problem and just 
copy the text of your first email.  See: www.bacula.org -> Bug Reports for 

Best regards,


On Wednesday 12 March 2008 14:13:24 Adam Cécile wrote:
> Kern Sibbald a écrit :
> > On Wednesday 12 March 2008 11.05:30 Adam Cécile wrote:
> >> Kern Sibbald a écrit :
> >>> Hello,
> >>>
> >>> At this point, I recommend that you submit a bug report to
> >>> bugs.bacula.org. Please make sure the instructions for reproducing the
> >>> problem are clear (they may already be so, but I don't have it running
> >>> in front of me).  If necessary attach a screen dump to clearify any
> >>> ambiguities.
> >>>
> >>> What seems strange to me is that you say that it works with the Debian
> >>> bwx-console program -- can you explain that?
> >>
> >> Yes, I have no answer for this. It seems the same code on Linux and
> >> Windows doesn't do the same...
> >
> > OK, I just wanted to confirm.  I built and tested bwx-console on Ubuntu,
> > and aside from its clunky appearance, it does seem to work.
> >
> > We have previously seen differences between the behavior on Linux and
> > Win32 -- I imagine it is due to the difficulties in trying to make one
> > set of code that interfaces identially on both X11 and Win32 ...
> >
> > Concerning your other email response: OK, thanks -- that eliminates
> > another variable.   I still suggest submitting this as a bug, which makes
> > it easier for me to track (email messages tend to get lost or are hard to
> > find), and submitting a bug report guarantees that it will be resolved
> > one way or another.
> >
> > I think the longer term solution will be for me to get Bat working on
> > Win32 as bwx-console is getting a bit old and has not been enhanced for a
> > long time ...
> >
> > Best regards,
> >
> > Kern
> I have just been able to reproduce the issue on wx-console (debian lenny
> 2.2.8-5 packages). See the set of screenshots attached.
> Important things:
> #4: Client and Storage are empty, not sure if it's normal
> #5: I select the right Storage and click apply. See the message in
> bottom-left corner...
> #6: I choose the right client but do not click apply yet
> #7: Here is what happens when I apply (the same message as #5 appears
> before segfault)
> So I guess there's a real problem with the wx-console. Please also note
> this screenshots have been done on a debian lenny server, not on
> mandriva one, so it's not a mandriva packaging issue.
> Best regards, Adam.

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