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[Bacula-devel] jcr->client->FDport


in order to backup multiple client simultaneously over a ssh-tunnel, the
director should be able to pass FDPort to RunBeforeJob. I'm thinking
about implementing something like %p which later would be substituted by
the port number of the client.

However, I am pretty unsure about how to do it since jcr->client (jcr.h)
is only available when dird gets built. All the other %[a-z]
substitutions from util.c seem to take their information from the global
JCR part but I can't see no client resource variables there. Except
client_name which seems a bit weird to me (I would expect it under
jcr->client, but what do _I_ know? ;).

All hints are welcome.

Thanks, Petar

	I also thought about (ab)using file_bsock, but I don't think
	that this one exists when dird does the substitutions..

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