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Re: [Bacula-devel] bweb & sqlite(3) backend


On Thursday 13 March 2008, Eric Bollengier wrote:
> > yes, I have understood that (for the time being) bweb is not able to work
> > with a sqlite catalog (this is why I'm mailing -devel rather than
> > -users).
> >
> > Does anyone have an overview what would be required (in terms of
> > development work) to get bweb working on an sqlite catalog? What were the
> > reasons to exclude sqlite in the first place?
> I have started some time ago to implement sqlite backend, but sqlite have
> only very basics sql functions.

Depends... :) SQLite did transactions, subselects and some other stuff long 
before MySQL did.

> Maybe i'm wrong, but for example, date manipulations have to be done by
> hand. 

ACK, I do understand your point.

> SELECT date_trunc('day', Job.StartTime) FROM Job LIMIT 1; -- Pg
> SELECT DATE_FORMAT(Job.StartTime, '%Y-%m-%d') FROM Job LIMIT 1; -- mysql
> ??? in sqlite

There are a few date/time calculation functions in SQLite; however, they are 
undocumented and not really recommended for usage. On the other hand, they 
have been there for some time now and might work for some more time... :)

This one is 
SELECT strftime('%Y-%m-%d', Job.StartTime) FROM Job LIMIT 1;
btw :))

> You could check for %sql_func in Bweb.pm, and if you find some way to
> manipulate dates without doing all work yourself, i will be happy to add
> sqlite to Bweb.

ACK. I'll see what else I can find.

Concatenation works just as in PostgreSQL (select foo || bar from baz); 
the "STARTTIME_FOO" transformations can be done by strftime() calls (watch 
out: strftime is _not_ fully compatible with the Unix/POSIX/whatever 

There exists a DBD (DBD::PgLite) which tries to transform PosgreSQL style SQL 
statements to SQLite calls. I'm not sure whether it might help here, but it 
would definitely be worth a try.

> An other thing, IMHO, Sqlite could be used for small setup, Postgresql (or
> Mysql) is the best candidate for medium and big setup. For a small setup
> (maybe 1 or 2 backups per day), bconsole is sufficient. For big one,
> bweb/bat is very helpful...

Hm... Well, my requirements need SQLite, and I'd still like to use bweb ;) I 
do understand what you mean, though.

Thx for your comments, regards and have a nice weekend

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