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Re: [Bacula-devel] bweb & sqlite(3) backend


> yes, I have understood that (for the time being) bweb is not able to work
> with a sqlite catalog (this is why I'm mailing -devel rather than -users).
> Does anyone have an overview what would be required (in terms of
> development work) to get bweb working on an sqlite catalog? What were the
> reasons to exclude sqlite in the first place?

I have started some time ago to implement sqlite backend, but sqlite have
only very basics sql functions. Maybe i'm wrong, but for example, date
manipulations have to be done by hand.

SELECT date_trunc('day', Job.StartTime) FROM Job LIMIT 1; -- Pg
SELECT DATE_FORMAT(Job.StartTime, '%Y-%m-%d') FROM Job LIMIT 1; -- mysql
??? in sqlite

Or for example adding 7 days, substract 1 month etc...

It's possible to rewrote bweb and compute everything in Perl, but it's
not on the top of my priority list.

You could check for %sql_func in Bweb.pm, and if you find some way to
manipulate dates without doing all work yourself, i will be happy to add 
sqlite to Bweb. 

An other thing, IMHO, Sqlite could be used for small setup, Postgresql (or
Mysql) is the best candidate for medium and big setup. For a small setup
(maybe 1 or 2 backups per day), bconsole is sufficient. For big one, bweb/bat
is very helpful...


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