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Re: [Bacula-devel] libdbi backend to catalog database


I found some memory leaks in dbic.c. In regression tests, bacula
always report buffers not release allocates in dbi.c after run tests.

Comparing to postgresql.c I have some doubts.

Every call of PQgetvalue is return to row[j] (like my_postgresql_fetch_row):

  378          for (j = 0; j < mdb->num_fields; j++) {
  379          mdb->row[j] = PQgetvalue(mdb->result, mdb->row_number, j);
  380          Dmsg2(500, "my_postgresql_fetch_row field '%d' has
value '%s'\n", j,      mdb->row[j]);
  381       }

When  my_postgresql_free_result() are call,  PQclean() release every
data in row[j]:

  532    if (mdb->result) {
  533       PQclear(mdb->result);
  534       mdb->result = NULL;
  535    }

Suppose, If PQclear not release nothing, how I can free mdb->row?
(mdb->row is a array of pointers)

In the case, libdbi don't free like PQclear() and I do a loop and free
every position of mdb->row[j] and mdb->row too. Like this:

if (mdb->row) {
   # if mdb->num_fields are 18, release 18 pointers...
   for( j = 0; j < mdb->num_fields; j++) {
   mdb->row = NULL;

This is the right way or has another way to free mdb->row?


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