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Re: [Bacula-devel] Plugins Work On Solaris

Kern Sibbald wrote:
> Nice.  I *did* however change a couple of lines of code that were probably 
> causing a failure on Solaris when executing the unload plugin code when none 
> existed.

Yes, I had noticed that bacula-dir and bacula-fd had stopped dumping core
during regression testing.

> Well, considering there is not yet any documentation, it seems you did pretty 
> well :-)

"Use the source, Luke" :-)

On a different note() {
   That actually reminds me .... should patches, when submitted, be
   accompanied by documentation patches? If so, how?

> Well, it all depends on how you setup the "writer" program.  In the example 
> above you have "mysql" as the writer program, so it will simply recreate the 

Of course .... I remember now, that you said that in your initial email.

> database ...  Note, if Bacula is currently using the database that you are 
> restoring, there will certainly be some problems.  In my test program, Bacula 
> was running sqlite but backing up and restoring a MySQL database.

I realised that after I had hit the send button. I can easily create a small
test database.


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