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[Bacula-devel] Plugins Work On Solaris

.... what more can I say?

I did not have to change a line of the source code, it just
worked (once I got the configuration sorted out and realised
that the PluginDirectory was supposed to contain bpipe-fd.so
and not /usr/mysql/bin/mysqldump - doh!)

FileSet {
  Name = "MySQL:regress"
  Include { Options { signature=MD5 }
    Plugin = "bpipe:/@MYSQL/regress.sql:/usr/mysql/bin/mysqldump -f --opt -u root --databases regress:mysql"

Can anyone tell me how to restore from this? Is it simply a
question of blowing away the regress database, restoring
/@MYSQL/regress.sql and using that to re-create the DB?


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