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Re: [Bacula-devel] wrong count of tests

Dan Langille wrote:
> I just ran some tests on trunk:
>   65/ 72 Testing all-non-root:verify-cat-test     Passed
>   66/ 72 Testing all-non-root:verify-vol-test     Passed
>   67/ 72 Testing all-non-root:weird-files2-test   Passed
>   68/ 72 Testing all-non-root:weird-files-test    Passed
> 100% tests passed, 0 tests failed out of 52
> 52 tests?  Looks like that should be 72 to me?
> Sorry, no time today to debug this one.

That's just a quick of ctest.  There are a total of 72 tests defined in
DartTestfile.txt.  Of those 72, 52 of them match 'all-non-root:', which
corresponds to the non-root required file based tests.  The tests aren't
completely clumped together, so the numbers that get skipped over are other
tests, such as the tape based ones.

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