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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Fwd: Re: bacula : aboutthe bacula.spec formrpms]

> Personally I think the official rpms should be FHS compliant
> for reasons that David Boyes articulated. He is quite correct about
> large enterprise IT departments. I could have you buy me beers for an
> entire evening and regale you with stupid IT stories from US Airways.
> Rigidity doesn't even come close to describing it. Anyone who wishes
> do differently can either modify my spec file or build from source.
> Thoughts?

Seems correct to me. 

I'm wading through the FHS docs and our SRB (software review board)
notes again tonight to see if your suggested change would satisfy the
FHS fascists here, but tentatively, your suggested change re
libdir/scriptdir looks right. 

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