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Re: [Bacula-devel] regression tests - accurate - 2.2

On Monday 03 March 2008 17.20:05 Dan Langille wrote:
> Hi,
> Any way to make sure that regression tests against 2.2 still pass?

Yes, use the 2.2 regress directory -- see below for more.

> See
> http://regress.bacula.org:8081/Bacula/Dashboard/Test?testname=.Test.all-non
> 03-Mar 08:51 bacula-dir: ERROR TERMINATION at parse_conf.c:902
> Config error: Keyword "Accurate" not permitted in this resource.
> Perhaps you left the trailing brace off of the previous resource.
>              : line 72, col 11 of file
> /usr/home/dan/src/BaculaRegressionTesting/bin/bacula-dir.conf
>    Accurate = yes

> I suppose we might need to start tagging the regress directory or keep
> them in sync some way.

They are in sync.

I see that you are trying to run the 2.2. Branch with the regress that is in 
the trunk.  If we don't change anything, that will work and did work, but now 
that we have new directives and tests for them, it will not.

For 2.2 you must use the regress that is saved with the 2.2 branch, which does 
not have the ctest additions, because they are under development ...

Best regards,


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