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[Bacula-devel] Feature Request: Possibilty to schedule Jobs on last Friday of the month

Hi, as suggested by Kern here is the feature request, the summary may be a 
little inaccurate as it just describes one scenario but, to get it all short
I've chosen this one

   Item 26: Possibilty to schedule Jobs on last Friday of the month
   Origin: Carsten Menke <bootsy52 at gmx dot net>
   Date:   02 March 2008

   What:   Currently if you want to run your monthly Backups on the last
           Friday of each month this is only possible with workarounds (e.g 
scripting) (As some months got 4 Fridays and some got 5 Fridays)
           The same is true if you plan to run your yearly Backups on the last 
Friday of the year. It would be nice to have the ability to use the builtin 
scheduler for this.

   Why:    In many companies the last working day of the week is Friday (or 
Saturday), so to get the most data of the month onto the monthly tape, the 
employees are advised to insert the tape for the monthly backups on the last 
friday of the month.

   Notes:  To give this a complete functionality it would be nice if the "first" 
and "last" Keywords could be implemented in the scheduler, so it is also 
possible to run monthy backups at the first friday of the month and many things 
more. So if the syntax would expand to this {first|last} {Month|Week|Day|Mo-Fri} 
of the {Year|Month|Week} you would be able to run really flexible jobs.

To got a certain Job run on the last Friday of the Month for example one could 
then write

   Run = pool=Monthly last Fri of the Month at 23:50

   ## Yearly Backup

   Run = pool=Yearly last Fri of the Year at 23:50

   ## Certain Jobs the last Week of a Month

   Run = pool=LastWeek last Week of the Month at 23:50

   ## Monthly Backup on the last day of the month

   Run = pool=Monthly last Day of the Month at 23:50

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   We don't believe this to be a coincidence." --Jeremy S. Anderson

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