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Re: [Bacula-devel] Possible autochanger logic problem in 2.2.10-b1SD

> Yes, though if the Volume was loaded in a drive at SD start time, it
> possible that the SD did not recognize it as loaded. For tapes, it
> check
> what is in each drive, but for a "disk" it doesn't expect any
> Volume "mounted", so probably does not check.
> It this is what happened to you, I would recommend some procedure that
> unloads
> all the drives when starting the SD.

Might be useful to add a SHARED=y/n parameter to the autochanger
definition that would control whether the controlling SD emptied all
defined drives at startup -- then you'd always have a defined state at
initialization. If SHARED=Y, then take the current behavior (since the
SD that is starting doesn't and can't know what some other SD might be
doing), otherwise empty all defined drives at SD startup. Default to

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